Praesidium and Target Italia team up to support Hour of Code

Praesidium and Target Italia are thrilled to announce that they have teamed up to support the Hour of Code – an initiative that’s close to their hearts and resonates deeply with our global commitment to community upliftment.


What is the Hour of Code?

Hour of Code began as a simple 60-minute introduction to the world of computer science, with the primary goal of demystifying the concept of coding. The aim was to showcase that anyone, irrespective of age or background, can grasp the basics. Today, this initiative has grown into a global movement celebrating the wonders of computer science, not just limited to an hour, but spanning various community-based efforts.


Why Should You Care?

The most significant aspect of the Hour of Code is its focus on empowering young women and students from marginalised racial and ethnic groups. It’s about reshaping how these groups perceive computer science and, most importantly, their potential in this vast field.


“Together, let’s change perceptions, inspire the next generation, and create a more inclusive future in tech!” – Enrico Babucci, Chairperson of Praesidium.